(2nd Place Winner @ AfroHacks)

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Sportify App

(First Place Winner @ HUHacks)



Sportify is an IOS and Apple watch app that creates a workout playlist for a user based on their heartrate or target workout intensity. The name of the app is a play on words as it is based on the music streaming company Spotify since the app utilizes the Spotify API to accomplish its task. This app was built with a team of 5 and won the first place prize of $3,000 at the HUHACKS Hackathon. This article was written about one of our team members.


Upon launch the user is prompted to sign in with their Spotify Account


The app then builds a playlist of songs with BPMs that matches the workout intensity


The user then selects the duration and target intensity of their workout


Next the user selects the genres that the playlist will be made up of.

App Demonstration @ HUhacks

Team Members

Lateef Adetona (Speaks @ 0:00)

Jeff Beauplan (Speaks @ 0:34 and 1:39)

David Hill (Speaks @ 0:45 )

Alana Walton (Speaks @ 1:20)

Lucretia Williams (Speaks @ 2:11)

My HBCU College Search App


Building MyHBCU App @ Google Office


MyHBCU is a college search app that was built by a team of 4 in 24 hours. This app allows an individual to search strictly for HBCUs(Historically Black College or University) in the US using criteria such as GPA requirement, price, location, and SAT & ACT Score requirements.

How it works:

I built a text parser with python to gather all the information needed for the application. The rest of the team worked on the core search function for the application. The core of the app was written in Java and built in Android Studio.

Smart Home Lighting System & App



This is an on-going project that I am working on with a team of 3. The objective is to design a smart light-bulb for homes that will turn on when a person enters a room and turn off when the person leaves using Bluetooth signals from their smartphones. This will in turn help reduce power consumption for the household. 

How it works:

Each light-bulb will be embedded with a Bluetooth chip. The user will download an app on their smartphone that allows them to set "vicinity" for each room. Once the vicinity has been set the light-bulb will know when to turn on and when to turn off based on when the user steps in and out of the preset vicinity for the room. We hope to embed a Bluetooth chip within a light weight bracelet that the user can just wear around the house. 

Office Depot Smart Display System

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Office depot recruited me to help build their "Store of the Future" in West Palm Beach, Florida. Part of my task was to put together a smart array for the store that could be updated from corporate headquarters.

How it works:

There are in total 2 arrays with 3 TVs in each array. The TVs are linked to media boxes which have internet capabilities. The media boxes are then linked to the store's local network. This allows corporate to access the media boxes remotely.